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President resigns in Kyrgyzstan March 25, BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan — President Askar Akayev fled Kyrgyzstan on Thursday after protesters stormed his headquarters, seized control of state television and rampaged through government offices, throwing computers and air conditioners out of windows.

Long night election co to jest Bakiyev, one of two key opposition leaders, said on opposition-controlled state television that "Akayev is no longer on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. Members of the parliament that was in power before February's disputed election met Thursday night to discuss keeping order in the nation and conducting a new presidential vote, perhaps as early as May or June.

It was not clear exactly who was in power and whether a leadership would emerge from the parliament meeting. Sitting in Akayev's chair surrounded by supporters, opposition activist Ulan Shambetov praised the latest uprising to sweep a former Soviet republic.

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The people. They have been fighting for so long against corruption, against that Akayev family," he said.

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Kyrgyz politics depends as much on clan ties as on ideology, and opposition figures have no unified program beyond calls for more democracy, an end to poverty and corruption, and a desire to oust Akayev, who has been in power in the former Soviet republic since independence was declared in There is no sign that the opposition would change Kyrgyzstan's policy toward Russia or the West — and unlike in successful recent anti-government protests in Georgia and Ukraine, foreign policy has not been an issue.

But any change would have impact, since both the United States and Russia have cooperated with Akayev and have military bases near Bishkek. Russia — part of a six-nation military pact with Kyrgyzstan — said Thursday it had increased security at its facility.

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There is also no sign podłącz penise opposition would be more amenable to Islamic fundamentalist influence than Akayev's government has been.

The takeover of government buildings in Bishkek followed similar seizures by opposition activists in southern Kyrgyzstan, including the second-largest city, Osh. Those protests began even before the first round of parliamentary elections on Feb. Akayev's whereabouts were not clear.

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The Interfax news agency, without citing sources, said Akayev had flown to Russia, but it later said he had changed course for Kazakhstan and landed there. Earlier, the news agency said Akayev's family had been heading to Kazakhstan. Akayev's reported resignation and flight came hours after hundreds of opposition supporters stormed government headquarters in Bishkek.

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The Supreme Court then ruled the parliamentary elections invalid, said former parliament speaker Abdygany Erkebayev. Shortly afterward, the parliament that was in session before the elections met to discuss keeping order in the nation and plan for a new presidential vote within months.

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Kulov said the opposition would guarantee Akayev's security "because there must be a peaceful transfer of power.

An elderly man and woman in a clearing in the crowd danced to imaginary music as a man pretended to beat drums. After dark, a large store on the main street, Beta, was looted, wild young men carting out everything from mattresses, coat hangars and mirrors to crates of food, juice and cookies.

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We are holding talks with law enforcement officials so there is coordination," said Turgunaliyev, whose party is headed by Bakiyev.

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